Are you moving to Berlin?

Laux Interiors not only offers interior design for your home and your commercial space. We also offer assistance for your move to Berlin from abroad.

I am experienced with international moves as  I have moved many many times in my life, twice across the Atlantic ocean with my family. I know what it means to arrive in a foreign country with only two suitcases, no idea about where to buy what you need   – six weeks before your container arrives with your belongings.

That’s why we are able to offer hands-on help and advice for your relocation to Berlin. We will set you up with experienced craftsmen, oversee and coordinate the renovation process while you are still abroad. We will prepare your new home in Berlin on time for your move. We will set up your kitchen with appliances, kitchen tools, dishes, silverware, whatever you need. We will shop and order furnishings, wallpaper, drapery, bedding, linens, accessories – you name it.

Please contact us for further information.

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